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A simple “thank you” would have sufficed. This year I wrote to her and said that we don’t see them enough to know what would be appropriate gifts and so instead of sending them gifts this year, we were planning to give money to charities, which I listed for her. She wrote back and said that her boys have too many t-shirts, anyway. I buy her sons t-shirts for Christmas gifts after I had asked her for suggestions. I bought each of them a t-shirt that I felt was age appropriate…a kind of sophisticated one for the older boy and a cute-amusing one for the younger son. I received an email that said that the boys really hated the t-shirts I had sent as “they don’t identify as being Kiwis”…I might add that both parents are Kiwis, but that is not the point. I wonder if they would have been so offended if I had sent them a Canadian t-shirt (I’m from Canada)…Anyway, she said they just looked at her and said, “What will we do with these?” She said, “I told them they could wear them to bed because there no one would ever see them.” I was really shocked. Problem solved and I feel happy giving money to my favourite charities.

Eat sleep baseball repeat retro shirt

As we were leaving, lunch still unfinished, I saw the guy who’d been following us. I smiled and waved at him. He ran over to the store manager and started yelling at him—I don’t know why, but if I had to guess, I’d say he thought the manager told me he was the person who complained (as if it were difficult to figure out). Let me tell you the other side. Most of us don’t have other cleaned clothes to wear. Also, we get most of these T Shirts free of cost or cheap rates. Who cares to buy new other T shirts then ! Also, we like the cool design and quotes written on T Shirts. Please Do not relate it with our confidence. We are proud of our institution and love T Shirts too. In the letter, she asked Raj to come college in red T-shirt on upcoming Monday, if it’s a yes. Finally, she thought to express her feelings with words. Luckily, the first spare page was blank. Meera wrote her feelings. After finishing the lecture, Raj walked away without having a word with Meera. She tried to communicate with him, but failed. The next day, Raj bunked the full day. On Wednesday, she found Raj’s friend-cum-roommate Jatin wearing same T-shirt.

Eat sleep baseball repeat retro blue

A few weeks later, exam days started. Finally, the engineering student inside Raj woke up. He thought to study one day before the exam. For the first hour, he tried to read heavy weight books, but in the next hour, he skipped books and opened notes. He picked up his own notebook and opened it. To his surprise, he found Meera’s words drafted on the first page. He read each and every word and realized what was wrong since few days. That night, instead of books, Raj read that letter again and again. That’s how he passed the whole night. Next day, he went to college in red T-shirt and saw Meera. But, not this one, after reading the first page throughout the whole night, I went to the shop today and bought this red T-shirt for you.” Raj explained. If you wear a shirt in China with words I love democracy, or I love USA. No one will care about you, you are perfectly safe. You are not worried at all. He is the antithesis of a good President. He absolutely has no credibility. To stand and, on national news, lie once again (for the 4 millionth time) to the American people about something that could very possibly kill them or their loved ones.

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