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For beauty, makeup artist Pat McGrath celebrates the power of the individual, a look achieved with varying degrees of drama. Some girls have a very natural, well-proportioned look, while others have a more extreme look. Light streaks of fuchsia adorn some eyes, while others wear long wings. Some are embellished with crystals or have thin, high arched eyebrows. Elsewhere, the lips are dark and venomous, some berry or lacquer black, with a prominent aquamarine hue. Photo: Getty Images Meanwhile, legendary hairstylist Guido Palau has suggested a smörgåsbord look with a variety of looks: natural hair, swept back, two-tone, pink bun. bleached peach and shocking pink mohawk hairstyle. “There’s no really extreme style because the clothes are so pretty, crazy, and pretty exaggerated,” says Guido. “I wanted to keep it cool and realistic. You know, when you’re at the club, there’s a girl with her hair pulled back and a guy with nice hair, then there are textured girls. It just reflects today, really. But last night.”

Legend 2023 world baseball classic logo 2023 t-shirt

Many of our current beauty trends can be traced back to Pamela Anderson. She was the ’90s beauty muse. She lined her lips before Kylie Jenner did it; she was shining a bright sun in California; And let’s face it, she made those skinny eyebrows happen. With her platinum blonde hair and lithe body (it took Lily James 5 months to get in shape to play her), she’s the bombshell of her generation. Her love life, including her turbulent relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee, was heavily documented at the time (which made her very sad, as the world is learning thanks to her). her memoirs and documentaries), but Anderson has always understood her star power—and used it. Maintaining public image, she once said that “natural beauty needs at least two hours in front of the mirror”. Anderson is always refreshingly honest about the time it takes to look “low-maintenance.” And for that, we salute her.

Legend 2023 world baseball classic logo 2023 t-s hoddie-black

As her Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, sets the record, let’s take a look at some of her best vintage beauty moments. Doja Cat knows how to create a dramatic entrance—and exude beauty that can rival even the most dramatic dresses. For tonight’s 65th Annual Grammy Awards, the rapper leaned into edgy territory with her angular hairstyle and makeover moment that accentuated her black latex off-the-shoulder Versace gown (with full long gloves for the occasion). The 27-year-old singer wore her hair in a gamine pixie cut—all combed and combed along the top of her forehead—for her eye-catching moment. Described as “punk” by makeup artist Ernesto Casillas (who shared the look on social media), Doja’s exaggerated winged lining culmins with sharp points in the corners. inside and out, while a hint of silver creates a slight stretch. shimmer. A metallic lip with a mauve border (the color that pairs with shadows and blush) also catches the light, with curled lashes softening the look. It’s irreverent charm — the kind of irresistible charm we’ve come to expect from Doja Cat. You walk into a room and forget what you were looking for. Conversations with friends have too many pauses as you rack your brains for the right words. And trying to focus on the book you just bought is like wading through molasses. Well, many faces of brain fog, an extremely common ailment that can sometimes make you feel pretty debilitating.

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